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Auto key immobilizer specialist and factory remote programming

Monthly Archives: November 2015


Lost your car key? Call us now.

We will go right to your car, make the key on the spot and you should be back on the road in less than an hour.



K-WANG TRADING & SERVICES specialists in RF transmitters for motor vehicle, motorcycles (remote engine starter), vehicle door locks and alarm systems (for garage doors and gates).Our services range also include duplicate car, auto gate remote control, and Transponder Key & remote programming.

We allow each button to copy different codes with an adjustable frequency range of 250 to 450MHz. Users may turn the frequency with frequency counter or even without.

Our RF transmitters work with genie intelligent code, FSK and fixed code and most current existing products. It is excellent for combining single-button remotes into one unit.

We also have a variety range of colors of RF transmitters or OEM are available.

K-WANG TRADING & SERVICES will help you to learn new commands directly in 3 seconds. Our product features have no extra apparatus needed for learning and duplication.